Spring garden tasks: Easy wins for your outdoor space

Key takeaways

  • Start strong: Tidy up patios and decking to welcome spring.
  • Green care: Look after your artificial and natural greens.
  • Furniture focus: Refresh your garden furniture for the new season.
  • Smart solutions: Use Monty Miracle products for effective, eco-friendly cleaning.

Spring heralds new beginnings and nowhere is this more evident than in our gardens. As the days grow longer and the weather improves, it’s the perfect time to prepare our outdoor spaces for the season ahead. Here, we outline the key tasks to get your garden spring-ready, along with the Monty Miracle products that can make these tasks easier and more effective.

Starting with a clean slate

Spring cleaning with Monty Patio Cleaner

After the long winter months, your patio, decking, and pathways might look a bit worse for wear. Here’s where our Monty Patio Cleaner comes into play. It’s a powerful yet gentle choice for getting rid of winter grime, leaving these surfaces looking as good as new.

Image of Monty Patio Cleaner

Keeping your deck pristine

Next, let’s discuss decking. It’s crucial to handle this task without causing damage. Our guidance, found in the “How to Clean Decking without Mess, Noise, or Damage” guide, offers practical tips for maintaining pristine decking with minimal fuss.

Caring for the greens

Artificial grass maintenance

The use of artificial grass in gardens has surged. It’s vital to care for it correctly to maintain its appearance and longevity, especially coming into spring. Dive into our comprehensive guide for step-by-step maintenance advice.

Furniture and features maintenance

Refresh your garden furniture

Don’t forget about your garden furniture. Whether you have teak, rattan, or metal furnishings, our tips from the Garden Furniture Maintenance Guide will help you get your pieces ready for those sunny days ahead.

Image: Maintaining Garden Furniture

Protect with Monty Sealer

After cleaning, consider applying a protective measure to extend the life of your garden features and furniture. Our Monty Sealer is an effective, time-saving solution for keeping your outdoor space looking great for longer.


Tackling these important tasks early in spring not only ensures a beautiful garden but also a space that’s ready to enjoy throughout the season. By choosing Monty Miracle products, you’re opting for eco-friendly, efficient solutions designed to make garden care easier. Explore our products today and see the difference for yourself.