Soft Washing

Safe and Clean for Winter

Get your outdoor space safe and clean for winter by following our step-by-step guide.

Follow our guide and not only will you keep your paving looking clean & tidy but it will help stop your paving being slippery over the cold frosty days.

Not only that, It will also help make cleaning your paving in the Spring or Summer so much easier, ready for the warmer days.

Protect Your Furniture

First off, you’ll want to make sure your area is free from obstructions. Any garden furniture should be removed and stored. This will help protect the furniture from any bad weathering and of course stop it being blown around and damaged on stormy days.

This is a top tip as many of us leave our furniture out for far too long and it only takes one bad windy day to damage our expensive outdoor furniture. If you are unable to store it away, you could simply cover the garden furniture with plastic or waterproof sheeting and weigh or tie down to avoid movement and damage from strong wind.

Remove Autumn Debris

Remove any fallen leaves, twigs and other autumn debris as soon as you can. This may seem like hard work and you may have to do this a few times over autumn but you really want to avoid the debris starting to rot as this can lead to heavy staining and slime on the surface of your paving.

Remove and Protect Your Tubs

Some containers may need to be moved or covered with polythene to protect delicate planets that may not survive a cold winter.

Also, your tubs often help collect debris and you may find a build of plant matter hiding between your containers so you’ll want to remove this so you can clean any stains left from your pots. Changing the position of containers slightly also helps stop more permanent staining in one area.

Remove Weeds and Moss

Although weeds may have stopped actively growing, You may want to remove large build ups as in cold weather, weeds left alone will rot and become slippery. If they freeze, they will leave raised areas that could be dangerous or at least clearing snow a much more difficult task.

Brush and Replace missing Sand

Now give your patio a good brush and replace any missing sand if necessary. Replacing sand stops water ingress into your subbase and eliminates any lifting due to water freezing and thawing during the winter months.

Apply Monty Cleaner

You’re now ready to apply your Monty Cleaner! Remember that Monty Cleaner not only cleans but eliminates organic growth so your patio area will be cleaner and safer for longer.

The Miracle In a Bottle

Turn the most stubborn cleaning jobs into minutes not hours.

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