The evolution of exterior cleaning

People who want clean home exteriors have usually used methods like jetwashing. But now, there’s a new way to clean called softwashing. This method uses special solutions to clean without needing strong water pressure.

Softwashing unveiled

Softwashing is a new way to clean. It’s different from jetwashing, which uses high pressure to remove dirt. Softwashing uses special cleaning solutions to do the job without strong force.

The pitfalls of jetwashing

Jetwashing, or pressure washing, can cause problems. Here are some issues with jetwashing:

  1. Erosion of Integrity: The high pressure can damage the spaces between tiles or paving stones.
  2. Unwanted Spread of Contaminants: It can spread harmful substances like paint chips around.
  3. Surface Damage: It can harm softer materials like sandstone and even damage harder materials.

Introducing Monty Miracle: a softwashing marvel

Monty Miracle is a new kind of cleaning product. It’s made with the help of chemists to be strong on dirt but gentle on surfaces. Here’s what makes it special:

  • Ease of Use: Just apply, wait, and rinse.
  • Eco-Friendly: It’s safe for the environment.
  • Safety First: It’s safe for your surfaces too.

Monty Miracle at work

Monty Miracle uses science to clean surfaces like patios, paths, fences, or driveways quickly. You just need to brush the solution on and then rinse it off. It shows that chemistry can clean without needing a lot of force.

Monty Miracle products: a comparative insight

FeatureMonty Patio CleanerMonty Miracle Top-up Cleaner
DescriptionA cleaner for outdoor surfaces that works in 6-10 minutes to get rid of stains like black spots, algae, fungal growth, dirt, grime, mould, mildew, lichen, moss, etc.Used after Monty Patio Cleaner and Sealer, it helps keep outdoor spaces clean and stops moss, lichens, black spots, and algae from growing.
ApplicationPut it on, wait for 6-10 minutes, then wash it off. No need to mix with water.Use it straight from the bottle, especially after Monty Patio Cleaner and Sealer.
Coverage5L covers about 20-25 square metres.Not specified.
Surface CompatibilityWorks on many surfaces like Brick & Block Paving, Natural & Indian Stone, Tarmac & Concrete, Artificial Stone, Roof tiles & Slates, Canopies & Shelters, Ornamental Ceramics, Plastic, Wood & Coated Metals, Fencing & Decking, K Rend.Works on surfaces like Brick & Block Paving, Natural Stone & Indian Stone, Tarmac & Concrete, Artificial Stone, Roof tiles & Slates, Canopies & Shelters, Ornamental Ceramics, Plastic, Wood & Metal, Fencing & Decking, K Rend.
Shelf LifeCan be kept for up to 18 months.Not specified.
Additional FeaturesQuick and easy to use, no need for pressure washing, good for the environment.A different product with its own ingredients, safe for many surfaces including self-clean glass, and doesn’t damage coatings.
Product Image & LinkMonty Patio Cleaner

Monty Patio Cleaner

Monty Miracle Top-up Cleaner

Monty Miracle Top-up Cleaner

Monty Miracle has two main products for keeping outdoor spaces clean:

Monty Patio Cleaner

This cleaner costs £32.95 and fights outdoor stains and growths. It’s fast and works on many surfaces. One bottle can clean 20-25 square metres.

Monty Miracle Top-up Cleaner

For £33.95, this cleaner helps keep surfaces clean after using the Patio Cleaner. It stops moss and algae from coming back and keeps your space looking good all year.

Both products show Monty Miracle’s commitment to effective and environmentally friendly cleaning.

A deep dive into the benefits of softwashing

Softwashing has many advantages over traditional methods:

  • Surface protection: It’s gentle and keeps surfaces safe.
  • Environmental consciousness: Monty Miracle products are safe for the planet.
  • Long-Term Results: It cleans and helps protect surfaces for a longer time.

Case studies: the proof in the paving

Monty Miracle has been used by many homeowners. They have seen how it can clean outdoor spaces that were dirty for years in just minutes. These stories show how well the product works.

Softwashing vs. jetwashing: an analytical comparison

Here’s how softwashing with Monty Miracle compares to jetwashing:

  • Effectiveness: Softwashing cleans without damaging surfaces.
  • Environmental impact: It’s better for the environment than jetwashing.
  • Maintenance: It helps surfaces last longer without needing more work.

Practical tips for using Monty Miracle

Here are some tips for using Monty Miracle products:

  1. Preparation: Clean the surface of loose dirt first.
  2. Application: Put the product on evenly.
  3. Activation: Use a soft brush to help it work.
  4. Rinsing: Wash the surface with a hose after the recommended time.
  5. Safety: Wear gloves and suitable clothes when you use it.


Moving from jetwashing to softwashing with Monty Miracle is a big step forward in home care. It’s not just about using a new product; it’s about caring for our homes and the environment in a better way. Monty Miracle is a smart choice for cleaning.

Choose Monty Miracle

Using Monty Miracle means you care about doing a good job and looking after the environment. It’s a smart way to keep your home and the planet clean. See the difference with Monty Miracle for yourself. Learn more about Monty Miracle and its impact.