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New meet up rules, new clean up rules!

Last week saw us allowed to meet indoors with up to 6 people and even stay overnight. Get ready to welcome more friends and family with your summer Monty Miracle clean up and stay cleaner and safer for longer!

We’re glad to hear the “data is looking positive” for us to move closer to our friends and family from Monday and if you’re still unsure about venturing out to pubs and restaurants, you can still enjoy more company at home.

A cleaner patio, for longer

Although we can now meet indoors, there’s nothing like spending time eating and drinking on your patio, weather permitting of course!

Monty Cleaner is the fastest way to get your patio looking great without all the mess associated with jet washing. So if your outdoor space is looking a little grubby, we’ve got you covered. Monty doesn’t just clean, it destroys all organic growth (mold, algae, fungal growth) so your patio stays cleaner for longer.

A safer patio, for longer

The Health Minister has encouraged us to proceed cautiously to protect the vulnerable and avoid resurgence of the virus. Monty Cleaner has got you covered here also as it completely kills all COVID-19 in under 60 seconds!

Monty Cleaner is not just for patios, you can use it on most exterior hard surfaces, including protected metal (garden swings etc.), fencing, decking your wooden garden furniture too. So whether you use it before your guests arrive, after or even both, you’ll be virus free ūüôā

Whatever you choose to do, enjoy and stay safe.

The Monty Miracle team

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