Monty Miracle Patio Cleaner does have a job to do, this can range from either a light clean to 20 years worth of infection and dirt so, it is pretty powerful in order to do its job. I can tell you tough, if you sprayed anything from Monty to milk on your lawn or plants, it would do some harm as both have de-oxidants in them. The way we combat this is to water everything first, this way the grass and plants drink up the water and as they are full of water they will not absorb the solution during application and rinse off.

If flowerbeds or grass butts up to the surface you’re cleaning, we advise to spray the solution about 30cms from the edge and sweep the rest up to meet the grass etc, whilst it is a liquid, it does behave and tends to stay in the exact area you apply it (on level areas). Once the solution hits the surface you’d like to clean, and starts to meet with the organic growth you’re trying to eliminate, it begins to neutralise itself and within 10 minutes, is completely biodegradable.

This means you can hose off onto grass and plants and it will have no ill effects, at this stage, leaves no footprint on the environment….. then do a final water just as a precaution to keep everything happy.

We also advise to keep your pets inside whilst your solution is on the ground, you wouldn’t want the dog running through it and then jumping on the sofa as it may damage materials.

Once you’ve hosed off thoroughly and the area is dry, everyone is welcome outside again.