How to look after garden furniture: a comprehensive guide

Gardens have changed a lot in the last ten years. They’re not just for relaxing or playing anymore; they’ve become outdoor living spaces. With full sofas, outdoor rugs, fire pits, pergolas, BBQs, and sometimes even full kitchens, today’s gardens show how much we like living outdoors. But one thing hasn’t changed – we need to look after the different kinds of garden furniture that make these spaces special.

Key takeaways for garden furniture care

AspectKey Tips
Metal FurnitureUse a wire brush to get rid of rust; repaint and seal after cleaning with Monty Miracle.
Wooden FurnitureSand and repaint or varnish when needed; avoid jet washing; clean with Monty Miracle.
Plastic FurnitureRegularly clean with Monty Sprayer
Stone FurnitureDon’t jet wash; soft wash with Monty Miracle for a deep clean.
General ProtectionCover with sheets in winter; keep cushions and rugs dry.
MaintenanceRegular cleaning and sealing are key for long life.

The allure of garden furniture and its upkeep

The evolution of gardens

FeatureMonty Patio CleanerMonty Miracle Top-up Cleaner
ImageMonty Patio CleanerMonty Miracle Top-up Cleaner
Description– Simple to use: just apply, wait, and rinse.
– No need for pressure washing.
– Perfect for a safe garden.
– Works quickly, in about 10 minutes.
– Safe for the environment.
– Made to use after Monty Patio Cleaner and Sealer.
– Keeps cleanliness and stops growth on sealed surfaces.
– Safe for coatings and sealers.
– Great for keeping outdoor areas clean.
– Stops moss, lichens, black spots, and algae.
Usage– Works on many surfaces like Brick, Stone, Tarmac, etc.
– Removes organic stains such as algae, mould, mildew, etc.
– Good for surfaces like Brick, Stone, Tarmac, etc.
– Keeps surfaces clean and stops organic growth.
Coverage5L covers about 20-25 square metres.Not given.
Storage LifeUp to 18 months.Not given.
Additional Information– No mixing needed.
– Try Monty Sealer for lasting protection.
– Different mix of ingredients from Monty Patio Cleaner.
– Can be used on self-cleaning glass and surfaces treated with Monty Sealer.

Modern gardens mix comfort and style, with lots of different furniture – from wooden benches and metal bistro sets to bricked seating and plastic sets.

Metal furniture: battling rust and wear

Metal is strong but can get rusty. To fix this, gently scrape with a wire brush and wipe clean. After drying, sand the surface and use Monty Miracle. Finish with a new coat of paint and sealant to make the metal furniture look great again.

Wood: the natural choice with care

Wooden furniture is popular for its natural look. Different woods like teak and pine need different care. Don’t use strong cleaning methods like jet washing. Instead, sand the wood and use a good outdoor paint and sealant. For regular cleaning, Monty Miracle is gentle and effective.

Plastic: the low-maintenance champion

Plastic furniture is easy to look after. Regular cleaning stops mould and marks. You can use a power washer, but it’s not usually needed.

Stone: enduring beauty with specific needs

Stone furniture is strong but needs careful cleaning because it’s porous. For a deeper clean, use Monty Miracle. Don’t use strong cleaning methods like jet washing, as they can damage the stone.

Preserving metal: beyond the basics

After fixing rust and repainting, keep your metal furniture clean with Monty Miracle. It’s gentle and keeps the furniture shiny. In between deep cleans, a quick wipe will keep it looking new.

Wooden furniture: the art of preservation

Check wooden furniture every year for wear and tear. When cleaning, don’t soak the wood. Monty miracle should be applied through a pump with gloves.

Plastic furniture: keeping it bright and clean

Plastic furniture is easy to maintain. But over time, it can get dull and stained. Regular cleaning with Monty Miracle can keep it bright and protect it from the weather.

Stone furniture: the delicate giant

Stone furniture is tough but needs gentle cleaning. Use Monty Miracle before and after winter for a deep clean that keeps the stone looking good without damage.

Year-round protection and care

Protect your garden furniture all year. Cover it in winter and keep cushions and fabrics dry.

The role of regular maintenance

Regular maintenance is about more than cleaning. Check for loose screws or damage and fix them. This keeps your furniture safe and makes it last longer.


Looking after garden furniture is easy with the right products and routine. Monty Miracle is great for different surfaces and makes maintenance simple. Follow these tips to enjoy your garden furniture for many seasons, making your outdoor space a true part of your home.