the best patio cleaner on the market

The Best Patio Cleaner

10 Reasons Monty Cleaner Works Better than the rest.

Summer is here… finally! And you know what that means: It’s time to fire up the barbecue, pour a round of drinks, turn on the music and enjoy your patio barbecue party. There’s nothing like enjoying fine weather & fine food with friends and family on a lovely patio in summertime. In this article we’ve put together 10 reasons why Monty Cleaner is simply the best choice for the perfect patio for your summer barbecues or simply enjoying your outdoor home life. Have a great garden party!

The quick answer: Monty Patio Cleaner is simply the fastest way to clean your patio without the mess or damage associated with pressure washing. It cleans for longer by destroying all organic growth while removing ingrained dirt and stubborn stains. Suitable for most outdoor surfaces including block paving, concrete, stone, decking, plastics and metal.

Read on for more details about the most versatile outdoor cleaner on the market.

1. The best multi-purpose outdoor patio cleaner

best multi-purpose patio cleaner

Monty Patio Cleaner is not just for use on patios, it can be used on most exterior hard surfaces. Almost anything in your garden can be brought back to life with our versatile patio cleaner and that includes your decking and garden furniture!

Monty Cleaner can be used on:

  • Brick & Block Paving.
  • Driveways, Patios & walls.
  • Natural Stone.
  • Walls, facings, flags and ornamental stone.
  • Tarmac & Concrete.
  • Artificial Stone.
  • All moulded and synthetic stone surfaces.
  • All roofing tiles, slates & chimney pots.
  • Canopies & Shelters.
  • Perspex & metal Shelters.
  • Ornamental Ceramics.
  • Plastic, Wood & Metal.
  • Garden furniture & Slides etc.
  • Garden fences, Sheds & decking areas.

2. The best for damage free patio cleaning

damage free patio cleaning

It’s not surprising to learn that many people think the best way to clean a patio is with a pressure washer. While this may seem the simplest method to clean your patio, you’re actually causing more harm than good because jet washing your patio can cause significant damage to your surface.

Not only will you destroy the sand or cement between blocks and paving stones, you can cause surface degradation creating pitting marks which will reduce the life of your patio. Brute force is unnecessary to clean your patio effectively. Monty cleaner is a powerful on dirt, yet gentle on surfaces.

Monty Cleaner will never damage a surface it is intended for, unlike aggressive jet washing. Your hard surfaces’ natural colour will be restored, your clean will last longer and your patio will look like new for many years to come.

3. The fastest patio cleaner on the market

fastest patio cleaner

We’d all rather be enjoying our patios than cleaning them, so having a patio cleaner that gets the job done quickly is key to more enjoyment time!

No other patio cleaning product gets the same amazing results in just 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, simply hose off with a regular garden hose and you’re done. Monty Cleaner turns the most stubborn cleaning jobs into minutes instead of hours.

4. Works for longer than any other patio cleaner

Longest lasting patio cleaner

Patios can look unsightly due to organic growth. Cleaning a patio with a jet wash may make it look clean for a short while but because the organic matter it not completely killed off, it will soon grow back.

Monty Cleaner is the best patio cleaner for long lasting results, because it not only targets dirt, but completely destroys organic growth in just one application, so your hard surface will stay cleaner for longer.

5. The best patio cleaner for organic growth

best patio cleaner for organic growth

Monty cleaner uses smart agents to target dirt, grime, mould, algae, fungal growth, black spot and many more organic stains.

6. The best mess-free patio cleaner

mess-free patio cleaner

With jet washing, there’s often another job to do after you’ve cleaned your patio; cleaning up the mess from dirt that has been blasted all round your garden and up your walls! Once you’ve hosed off Monty Cleaner there’s nothing to do other than enjoy your outdoor space.

7. The safest patio cleaner

safest patio cleaner

It is important to us that our patio cleaner is as environmentally friendly as possible. We’ve spent years making sure our product is as safe as possible.

Monty Cleaner is 100% biodegradable and completely self neutralises after 10 minutes. It’s not harmful to the environment, safe for animals and pets and won’t damage your plants or grass.

8. The only patio cleaner with a YouTube library to support our claims

patio cleaner videos

The best way to understand how well Monty Cleaner works is with something visual. Our extensive YouTube library shows Monty Cleaner in action and you can even watch the miracle happen in real time!

9. Our patio cleaner is so good, we patented it!

patio cleaner videos

No other patio cleaner works like Monty Cleaner. The results are impressive as you can see for yourselves from our excellent customer feedback. Developed and fine tuned over 30 years so you can rest assured you are receiving a quality product that simply works as described. That’s why we’re called Monty Miracle!

10. Money Back Guarantee

patio cleaner videos

We’re so confident that you’ll love your results, if you are not completely happy, we’ll refund your money, that’s our promise.


We hope we’ve answered all your questions and shown why there simply is no better patio cleaner than Monty Miracle. If you want the cleanest patio in the shortest time without all the fuss of pressure washing then Monty Patio Cleaner is the perfect choice. If you have any questions do let us know and thanks for reading.

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